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Two Old Ladies

old-ladiesTwo ladies are sitting outside at their retirement home, smoking’ cigarettes and enjoying the sunny day when it begins to rain.

One of the ladies reaches into her purse and pulls out a condom and a pair of scissors. As the other lady watches, she then proceeds to pull out the rubber, snips the tip off, and covers her cigarette with it.

“That’s a great idea!”, says the other lady, and she takes a leave of absence to walk down to the convenience store.

She enters the store and walks up to the counter. A young lad is sitting there reading a magazine, and without looking, asks the lady,

“Can I help you?”

“Those condoms there, how much?”

The boy puts down the magazine and jumps up, in shock of the request from the elderly voice, looks at the old lady, looks at the wall of condom packages, then looks again back to the old lady.A slight moment of encouragement comes over the young man, thinking this is just some random prank, he asks,

“Well, what size would you like?”

The lady replies honestly, “Anything that’ll fit over a Camel.”




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