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Math Symbols

Math Lesson from Classic Movie

Fun With Math So, you think you know math? Watch this short segment from a classic movie and you will begin to wonder.   25 / 5 = 14 This skit is from a “Ma and Pa Kettle” movie, and the presentation is great.      

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Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Bluetooth Earpiece While Shopping

This television commercial came out a few years back. As bluetooth earpieces get smaller, sometimes it’s very difficult for people around you to realize you are on the phone, especially if they can’t see the earpiece. Beware the perils of what people overhear!     The commercial is for a mortgage company, and it’s a […]

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Hey Mr Bus Driver

I know I am probably going to Hell for recording this video and posting it! This joke is dedicated to my daughter. When I first told it to her, her reaction was hilarious!     Now, if this sort of joke offends you, please visit our disclaimer page.    

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