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A Tour of Heaven

A man dies and St. Peter meets him at the gates of Heaven.

“Welcome to Heaven!”, says St. Peter.  “Let me give you a tour.”

St. Peter takes the man down a long hall with doors on both sides.  On each door is a sign. The first one they come to says “Methodist”.  St. Peter opens the door and inside are a huge group of people partying and enjoying themselves.

The next door they come to says “Jewish”.  St. Peter opens the door, and the man sees the same scene. People are partying and having fun.

The same goes for the other rooms they pass, “Catholic”, “Baptist”, and so forth.

Finally, they reach another hall with a door way at the end.  The man asks St. Peter what’s behind that door.

“Shh!”, says St. Peter. “When we pass this door, we must be very quiet.”

“Why?”, asks the man.

St. Peter says “Well, behind that door are the Born Again Christians, and they think they are the only ones up here!”

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